Greater Noida

Deluxe Specifications

Eldeco Aamantaran at Sec-119, Noida
Price List w.e.f. 16/6/2008 for no EMI scheme for 24 months
Super Area approx (in sqft) Floorwise Basic Prices (in Rs.) Accommodation
    1st/2nd 3rd/4th/5th 6th/7th/8th 9th 10th/11th  
1300 5525000 5492500 5460000 5395000 5395000 DD/ 2 BR/kitchen/2 toilets/ Bal.
1540 6352500 6314000 6275500 6198500 5967500 DD/ 2 BR/ kitchen/study/ 2toilets/powder room/ bal.
1740 7134000 7090500 7047000 6960000 6699000 DD/ 3 BR/ Kitchen/ 2 toilets/ bal.
1955 8015500 7966625 7917750 7820000 7526750 DD/ 3 BR/ kitchen/3 toilets/ bal.
P.N. (1) The above areas are tentative and subject to change. (2) All areas are in sft (3) 1 Sq mt = 10.764 sqft
Extra Charges
1. Interest Free Maintenance Security : Rs.20/- per sqft.
2. Monthly Maintenance Charges : Approx. Re.1.25/- per sqft. per month
  P. N.: 1 year monthly charges payable in advance
    PDC's for 2 yrs monthly maintainence payable in advance
3. External Electrification Charges : Rs.50/- per sqft.        
4. Fire Fighting Charges : Rs.50/- per sqft.        
5. One Time Lease Rent : Rs.95/- per sqft. (Payable within 30 days of booking)
6. Power Back-up : Rs.15,000/-per K.V.A.(Proposed back-up 5 K.V.A per unit)
7. Miscellaneous value-addition charges viz. EPABX System, Piped Gas Supply system will be Rs.20,000/- to Rs.25,000/- (approx.)
8. Club Membership (Compulsory) : Rs.20000/-        
9.Car Parking                  
Twin Type
2,00,000/- 1,50,000/-
1,50,000/- 1,12,500/-
10. Preferential Location Charges :  
  % of Basic Price
  Tower S1,S2&S3
Unit No. 1,2& 3
Unit No. 4 &5
  Tower S4,S5&S6
Unit No. 1,2& 3
Payment Plan
No EMI Plan Down Payment Plan
At the time of booking 10% At the time of booking : 5%
Within 45 days of booking 90% Within 45 days of booking   80%
No down payment discount and EMI for the period of 24 months on the loan term at 20 years will be borne by the Company Rebate : 15%
Note :
A. Prices at which units will be booked will remain firm.
B. Any additional facility that may be provided shall be charged extra.
C. Prices can be revised at the sole discretion of the Company & without prior notice.
D. Please read the detailed terms & conditions in the application form.
E. The price prevailing on the date of booking of the bay will be applicable. For booking, 25% price is payable immediately and balance in instalments.
G. Variations in the final layout and floor plans can be effected without any claim from the allottee.
H. One Parking compulsory. Any allottee opting for 2 parkings will be allotted twin type parking
I. Units having lawn & terraces would be charged extra @ Rs.1000/- per sqft
J. The area mentioned above may vary and the same shall be adjusted at rate prevalent on the date of booking. For variation beyond + 10%, the allottee shall have an option to cancel and take full refund.
K. The above mention flats may not be available on all floors/ towers.
L. The No EMI payment plan is subject to eligibility of applicant for the required amount of Home Loan.

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