Construction Link Plan  Down Payment Plan
On application for Booking 10% At the time of Booking 10%
Within 45 days from Allotment 10%
Within 90 days from Allotment 10%
On Completion of Ground floor slab 10% Within 45 days of Booking 80%
On Completion of 2nd floor slab 7.50%
On Completion of 6th floor slab 7.50%
On Completion of 10th floor slab 7.50% Down Payment Discount 10%
On Completion of 14th floor slab 7.50%
On Completion of 18th floor slab 7.50%
On Completion of Top floor slab 7.50%  
On Completion of Brick work 5%
On Completion of Electrical Conducting 5%
On Completion of Plumbing work 5%
A. Prices at which units will be booked will remain firm.
B.  Any additional facility that may be provided shall be charged extra.
C.  Prices can be revised at the sole discretion of the Company & without prior notice. 
D.  Please read the detailed terms & conditions in the application form.
E. For Car Parking the price prevailing on the date of booking of the bay will be applicable. For booking, 25% price is payable immediately and balance in quarterly installments.
G. Variations in the final layout and floor plans can be effected without any claim from the allottee.
H. One Parking compulsory. Any allottee opting for 2 parkings will be allotted twin type parking.
I.  Units having lawn & terrace areas would be charged extra @ Rs.1200/- per sqft.
J. The area mentioned above may vary and the same shall be adjusted at rate prevalent on the date of booking. For variation beyond + 10%, the allottee shall have an option to cancel and take full refund.                        
K. The above installment shall be payable on demand irrespective of the order in which they are listed. 
L. Monthly Maintenance Charges will be intimated later.12 month's maintenance charges shall be payable in advance and 24 months PDC”s (starting from 13th to 36th month)





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