Plan (A) : -  Down Payment Plan with 10% Rebate on BSP)

At the time of Booking                     : - 95% of BSP + PLC

On Possession                                 : - 5% of BSP  +   EEC / FFC / Along with Allied charges.
                                                                           +   Any other charges or taxes as applicable.

lan (B) : -  Down Payment Plan with 12% Assured Return (Monthly PDC’s)

At the time of Booking                      : - 95% of BSP + PLC

On Possession                                  : - 5% of BSP    +   EEC / FFC / Along with Allied charges.
                                                                              +   Any other charges or taxes as applicable.

PLAN (C) : - (Construction Linked Payment Plan)

At the time of Booking                                              -10 % of BSP
Within 30 days from the date of booking                   -10 % of BSP +          50 % of PLC
Within 60 days from the date of booking                   -10 % of BSP
Within 90 days from the date of booking                   -10 % of BSP +          50 % of PLC
On laying of basement Raft Foundation                      -10% of BSP
On laying of basement floor Roof Slab                      - 10% of BSP
On Start of Ground floor Roof Slab                           - 10% of BSP    
On Start of 1st floor Roof Slab                                  - 10 % of BSP
On Start of 2nd floor Roof Slab                                 - 10 % of BSP
On Completion of Brick Work                                    - 5 % of BSP 
On offer of Possession                                            - 5%of BSP     
                                                                              +   EEC / FFC / Along with Allied charges.
                                                                              +   Any other charges or taxes as applicable.

Preferential Location Charges  -  10% on the Basic Sale Price 

                           - Rs. 175/-  Per Sq. ft.


Notes :-
  • The rate mentioned above are for super built up area (SUBA) which includes the covered area plus balconies and proportionate share of area under Common space i.e. staircases, lifts, escalators, common toilets, corridors, open Piazza, cupboards & Projections,  water tanks, lift rooms, mumties, balcony walls etc. 

  • The Basic Sale Price (BSP) per sq. ft. does not include Preferential Location Charges (PLC), Parking Charges, Interest Free Maintenance Security (IFMS), External Electrification Charges & Fire Fighting Charges (EEC / FFC), Stamp Duty, Registration Charges, Legal / Documentation charges, Administrative & other charges etc.

  • Cheques and Drafts are to be issued in favour of “VARDHMAN ESTATES & DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED”.

  • Price is subject to change without any prior notice, at sole discretion of the company.  Price prevailing on the date or registration
    acceptance shall be applicable.

  • All building plans, layouts, specification are subject to change/modification or revision as decided by the company / Architect or any other competent authority.

  • If area differs at the time of occupation, the total amount will be adjusted accordingly. 

  • The terms & conditions of sale stated herein are only indicative and are subject to detailed forms & conditions with application form.

  • Transfer of allotment, will need our prior approval.

  • IFMS – To be determined & charged at the time of Maintenance Agreement.

  • Power Backup – Extra on demand – to be determined at the time of possession.

  • Lease Rent Shall be as applicable by the Authority.

  • The Shop registration price shall be firm.  No escalation on basic price of unit once registered.

  • Delayed payment will be subject to the payment of interest at the rate of 18% per annum. Further if I/We fail to pay subsequent two installments of the dues as per scheduled (Annexure- A) by the due date and thereafter I/We will have no claim on the said space of whatsoever nature i.e. re-allotted by the builders in any other name by giving fifteen days Regd.A.D. Notice to me/us and the whole of the earnest money i.e. 25% of the total cost shall stand insofacto forfeited.

  • That in case if any dispute arises between the parties, then the same shall be referred to arbitration of a sole arbitrator, who shall be appointed by the company only.  The Place and venue of the arbitration shall be in Delhi only and the court at Delhi alone shall have the jurisdiction to entertain dispute.

  • I/We agree to abide by terms and conditions as laid out by you for the registration of allotment of the aforesaid space and agree to sign the allotment letter/agreement on the builder’s standard form as and when required by the builders. This agreement has been send by me /us.

(CONFIRMATION OF THE BUILDER)                                                {SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT(S)}

                                                                                                                                              Dated: ___________________

(Signed at New Delhi)


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